Monday, 3 May 2010

Very Sanderson -150 years of English Decoration

Whilst in London for the New Designers' preparation day, I took the opportunity to visit the Sanderson's exhibition at the Fashion & Textile museum in Bermondsey Street. This was an exciting display of their archive material, moving on to the present day. They had chosen to reconstruct the display layout used in the 1950's using some of the original designs from that era, these worked extremely well alongside a selection of designs that were reintroduced from their archives to celebrate their 150 years anniversary. I have found their range of designs to be very inspiring and influential within my own work. To see the breadth and scale of some of their designs up close and read the information explaining the way the design evolved was extremely helpful.

Petula Clark in her swiss chalet, 1976.

The designs from the 1970's made me reminisce as my late father (he was a painter and decorator) was well known for his love of clashing bold colours and there was not a wall left unpapered in our house when I was growing up, let alone our matching painted skirting boards and doors!

One of the features of the exhibition was a display of shoes in a glass case made from Sanderson's fabric, the design was reintroduced from the 1890's. They were by footwear designer Tracy Neuls (she collaborated with contemporary artist Nina Saunders, alongside Sanderson's back in February, when she opened her shop TN29 in time to coincide with London Fashion Week). They were a stunning use of the vintage design over a 3D surface. Sanderson are again forging links with current contemporary designers and artists and encouraging innovative design.

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