Saturday, 27 March 2010

Some of my work so far....

I have been printing like crazy for some time and my designs are gradually beginning to evolve. Within this design of winter flowers, I have changed the appearance by using acid discharge on black cotton, which gives a ghostly almost eery contrast agains the severe black. The intertwined branches seem to form some sort of abstract pattern, so I am really pleased by the effect. It has been quite a drawn out process developing my designs, and has given me lots of time to reflect on what I would really like to acheive. It is difficult to be truly original in this busy fast paced world, especially after seeing a much publicised design by a current interiors company, blatantly copied by many other companies. Design wise, my work is still evolving at quite a pace.

This is a chair that I plan to get uphostered in my one of my handprinted fabrics. The current choice of fabric is a dark oatmeal coloured natural looking linen. Inspired by organic forms in the winter months, I plan on producing a highly unusual striking design, which may or may not involve foiling to contrast against the black ink.

Ongoing research that continues to inspire

This design is called "Dandelion Clocks" from the current Sanderson collection. There is a definite 50's feel prevalent here, with the
bold almost geometric style, and stark drawing. The muted but harmonious colour palette is not that far away from the one that I am using for my final collection. The bold design with overlapping colours, works really well, without being overpowering. The current trend for strong, often botanical style patterns on wallpaper and fabrics has been hugely inspiring for me and has influenced my current hand drawn collection based on winter plants and silhouettes.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

This is some of my research for my final major project, where I will be producing a selection of work for interiors (comprising of wallpaper and fabric). The striking selection of designs for the British Surface Design of the Year 2009 (featured in Elle Decoration magazine)shows that there are some incredibly talented up and coming designers. The strong architectural plant drawings, as shown by this design for Farrow & Ball, are very striking and would make a strong statement on the wall. Using just a single colour and strong graphic drawing, works amazingly well filling the entire paper area. Drawing is a fundamental part of my work and helps to maintain a personal connection to my work.

This image is from a current designer, Neisha Crosland, featuring one of her wallpaper designs (entitled Hedgehog), she really promotes drawing as part of her work, and has been known to draw to scale on lining paper on the wall, when working out her designs. There is a great fluidity to her drawing, whilst the enlarged scale of her design manages to fill the wallspace without overcrowding the paper.