Friday, 30 April 2010

From patterns to quilts

I came across this designer as she was featured on the, which was originally given to us when I started the blog. This blog is a source of endless inspiration and the person who runs it and updates it constantly deserves a medal. I do sometimes wonder when they sleep.
The afore mentioned designer produces patterns for fabric, quite bold and modern, almost graphic in style. You can see a bit of Orla Kiely in there and a 1960's influence in the strong single colour designs. Whilst reading this designer's blog she mentioned some quilts made with her fabric designs, by a lady called Ashley.
I love the name of her web site, as my brother used to be a photographer when I was a teenager, so I know all about storing camera film in strange places...This person makes the most beautiful quilts in a lovely selection of fabrics some more modern than others, beautifully pieced together, with what appears to be an almost unbroken line of quilting across it. On the backs of the quilts which are often left plain, she has chosen to adorn them with some of same pieces from the front in a block formation.

The location that she chose to photograph her latest quilt in was quite unusual, but I felt it worked really well and gave a more modern look, to what is often viewed as old fashioned pastime.
Within my final major project, I plan to have a quilt made of my remaining samples, as the best ones will be bound into a sample book.

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  1. These images are great! Do they give you some ideas of how to photograph your own work, maybe... Get sewing!!