Monday, 3 May 2010

The chair is finished...

I have finally picked up my chair from the Upholster's. It was really nerve racking leaving the fabric, that I had screenprinted by hand with him last week. I almost wanted to cut it up for him...I think I am used to doing everything myself and getting another person involved leaves you feeling a bit unsettled, as you lose a bit of the control process.
After collecting my images from the photographer at college (more on that later) and yet another bout of screenprinting, I finally returned to my hometown to collect my chair. It was just as I wanted it to be, with beautiful dark legs set against the oatmeal coloured linen. The foiled part of the design glistened and caught the light in a very subtle way, contrasting well against the black printed treestars. In all the whole design for the chair has materialised really well, resulting in a contemporary, yet natural looking organic design.
The decision to photograph it in my garden alongside one of the chickens (Tilly), whose feather colours were part of my colour story, was deliberatly natural looking, as I did not want it "staged" within a sterile photographic studio. So phew, one more thing to cross off my action plan for this project!

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