Thursday, 15 April 2010

Some Final Designs

This is a detail from one of my designs based on plant forms in the winter months. There is a wealth of interest to be found at this time of year and in particular the silhouette of plant forms against a muted background always inspires me. The plant forms I have chosen to feature in my final collection entitled "Fragile Things" are of the more unusual, sometimes architectural style and shape. By adapting the tree branches into another shape, they almost become completely different to how they started out. It would have been much easier to have concentrated on simplistic tree forms, and I have found many of these designs within my research.

Willow by Prestigious Textiles from

This design is a very simple straightforward tree drawing repeated all over in a selction of muted colourways. It works well, but confirmed for me the idea that I needed to develop my drawings in other directions, moving away from the obvious, something which has took a bit of time but the end result has been worthwhile and looks almost eerily beautiful yet still a little strange.

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