Friday, 30 April 2010

New Designers Visit

A few other students and myself went along to Islington recently for the meeting about the New Designers show (Preparation Day) in July.
This definately made it all seem a lot more real for us, as for the past few years I have always gone along to look at all the other student's fantastic work- to think that this year I will be there whilst everyone looks at my work is a bit daunting, but exciting at the same time. The information the various speakers gave us was very helpful. As Colchester School of Art and Design won the best stand last year, we have been promoted to a lower level (previously we were on the balcony) with a larger floor space. We are now up there with the big universities as you walk into the show. We were told that they get 17,000 visitors to the show each year, so exhibiting there is so important for future oppportunities. I am currently sorting out business card designs to promote my work, as this is vitally important that you select the best images that portray your work as it is all your visitors will have to remember you by.

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